Social ​Program

         Cultural Program

The organising committee has prepared an exciting social program for all of the participants which is already included in the registration fee and will get you to know the city better. It will take about 6 of your evenings in the city and the rest of them are free, so choose among all the other possibilities!

Welcoming party & gala dinner

We will have opening and closing ceremony  of the summer school having you try some traditional Russian food and spend some time for socialising with the committee and participants in a friendly environment of our Centre.

Boat tour on the canals around St Petersburg

St. Petersburg's famous granite embankments are home to many of the city's grandest buildings, and boat trips along the historic rivers and canals are an essential part of sightseeing. The canals reach a total length of 300 kilometers and have over 800 bridges crossing them. This is truly the fastest and most enjoyable way to explore the city centre.











Group tour to the Hermitage museum

Some say the Hermitage is the largest museum in the world. It was founded by Catherine the Great and opened to public in 1852. The collections comprise over 3 million items located in six historic buildings along Palace Embankment, including the Winter Palace, a former residence of Russian emperors. We will visit the most popular part of it - Winter Palace and Palace Square.








Peterhof fountain park

Peterhof Palace and its gardens are sometimes referred as the "Russian Versailles" and along with the city center is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Our tour will cover the Lower Gardens which is situated less than a hundred metres from the shore and designed in the formal style of french gardens of the 17th century. There you can find 150 fountains, each in its own unique design.

Russian ballet performance

Russian ballet schools are among the most influential and impactful in the world of art, so we thought that, visiting the cultural capital of Russia, you might want to experience the joy of a wonderful performance where words are replaced by graceful dancing in the middle of dazzling decorations.

Fancy ball at the Yelagin palace

Have you ever wondered how royal families spent their leisure time? The traditional ball at a real palace would be a great chance not only to find out, but also to experience it! We are organising a special fancy event where you will learn all about the etiquette from old times and then put it into practice with the provided gorgeous outfits - just dance and have some really posh time!






       Some other interesting activities

Walking tour on the city roofs

It is a pretty new and inspiring trend around here - to hang out on the roofs with friends or stargazing with your loved one. You will find numerous exciting unofficial places along with restaurants with a breathtaking view.



Hundred museums

St Petersburg has more than 200 museums and old palaces. It is literally a cultural capital of Russia. Here are some of them you should check out:



City bus tours

The easiest way to see the most of attractions in little time is to hop on a bus and just watch. In summer, the buses usually have an open second floor where you can enjoy fresh air and a wider perspective.



Parties and night clubs

St Petersburg never sleeps. It is true about major big cities around the globe and this one is no exception. Lots of shops and cafes work 24/7 and during white nights it feels like an endless day over and over again.



Watching the opening of bridges at night

Speaking of white nights, one of the most popular event among tourists is gazing at the bridges open over the Neva river. This activity feels especially contemplating and beautiful in the city centre. Try visiting one of these bridges at night:




It is hard to stay hungry when you are surrounded by hundreds of cafes and restaurants - from small original places for hipsters to extravagant blazing dining halls for great events. Some unusual ones include art-clubs, a cafe where you eat in total darkness, cat cafes, international street food places, and molecular gastronomy restaurants. If you are a vegetarian, or love eastern cuisine, or belgian waffles, or maybe strive for board games, there’s a cafe for you.


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