Dear colleagues!

We are happy to invite you to participate in Almazov Youth Medical Forum 2019 scheduled 16 - 18 May, 2019 in Saint Petersburg, Akkuratova st. 2 (NMRC V.A. Almazova)

This Forum aims to unite young scientists, residents, and medical students from Russia and abroad. At the Forum you will be able to take part in workshops held by the most experienced and qualified members of Almazov’s medical center. Additionally, the science project competition for individuals and teams will take place. The results of the competition will be announced at the plenary session, and all winners will be awarded.

Moreover, the participants will have the opportunity to take part in a professional medical conversation as well as get to know your fellow young doctors and scientists informally.

The Forum is a part of the National Medical Innovation Forum.



  1. Daily master class and lectures from the lead specialists in different areas

  2. Student, resident, and young scientists’ science project competition*

  3. Section of the scientific educational cluster “translational medicine “

  4. In-person stage of Russian student Olympiad in cardiology 

  5. Almazov medical tournament

  6. Course of Ultrasound diagnostic 

  7. Cultural program: Saint Petersburg City tours, buffet

*According to the results of the posters session the best projects will be presented in the form of oral report



  1. Obstetrics and Gynecology

  2. Anesthesiology, resuscitation and transfusiology

  3. Hematology

  4. Cardiology (including:)

    • arterial hypertension

    • coronary heart diseases

    • non-coronary heart diseases

    • heart rate disturbance 

    • chronic heart failure 

  5. Clinical laboratory diagnostics

  6. Molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics

  7. Neurology and Neurosurgery

  8. Pathology (Pathologic anatomy, physiology)

  9. Pediatrics, Pediatric Surgery

  10. Radiology

  11. Rheumatology

  12. Cardiovascular surgery, endovascular surgery

  13. Endocrinology

  14. Cluster “translational medicine” section

  15. School projects section

*Final list of areas will be formed after registration is completed




  1. Poster presentation and oral report in poster session and abstract publication

  2. Poster presentation and abstract publication

  3. Abstract publication (proceedings of the forum will be an addendum to Scientific-Practical medical journal “translational medicine “

  4. Attendee



Abstract: MS Office Word without pictures and formulas

Page and text:
Page size - А4  (210mm  х  297  mm)
Page margin - 30 
Font - Times  New  Roman
Font size – 12
Line-to-line spacing 1.0
Paragraph spacing 0
Paragraph indent 10mm
Alignment justified

1th line: Author's Name and initials font size 12. Indention
First name follows Last (Ivanov I.I.)
There must be a gap between initials (I. I.)

2nd line: Name of project, capital letters, front size 12, indention, boldface type

3d line: in brackets degree and last name and initials of academic adviser, front size 10 intention. 
Possible shortenings: PhD, M.D., Prof., Assoc.Prof., etc

4th line: educational institution, full name without brackets, font size 12 indention.

5th line City, country, front size 12 indention.


Abstracts should include:

  1. Introduction (400-600 symbols)

  2. The purpose of the study (200-300 symbols)

  3. Data and methods (800-1200 symbols)

  4. Results (800-1200 symbols)

  5. Conclusions (400-600 symbols)

Maximum text size 3900 symbols 

An abstract sample you can find on official website
Name of file should look as following: section_Last name_initials_number of project ( if you send several projects) For example: «Hematology_Ivanov_I.I.1.doc»

File with project must be affixed to registration form in section «Abstract submission»

All responsibility lies on the author of the abstract.



We are inviting young specialists under 35 years old, students of last grade, residents and graduate students to take part in Almazov Youth  Medical Forum 2019.

Participation in forum as an attendee (all section and master classes) is free.

Registration fees:

  1. «Speaker» 15€

    • abstкact publication 

    • Participant certificate

    • Speaker badge

    • Coffee break

    • Poster presentation

    • Free participation in all sections and master classes

  2. “Publication only” 7€

    • Abstract publication only

Road and living expenses are paid by the participants themselves. The Organizing committee can help with accommodation if it’s required.

Payment details will be send after the scientific committee review 

For students, residents and young scientists of Almazov’s centre participation is free.


Registration will start in the middle of January and will continue till 22th of March 2019.

To take part in Forum you must register here: 

All information you can find on our official website of CYSS NMRC V.A. Almazov 


Website of the Council of Young Scientists and Students of the Almazov Centre:


Vkontakte: and



Website of the Almazov Centre:,

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