Almazov National Medical Research Centre

Almazov National Medical Research Centre

Almazov Centre

The Almazov National Medical Research Centre was founded in 1980 by the name of Research Institute of Cardiology. The urgency of its foundation became clear in the 70th and was caused by the rapid growth of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in the country. Today, Almazov Centre is the leading Russian institution which combines fundamental and applied research in various medical fields, provides multidisciplinary specialized care including high-tech surgery and continuous medical education for researchers and practitioners. The Institute of Medical Education constantly holds seminars, scientific and practical conferences, schools, symposia, and courses.


Clinical Work

Almazov National Medical Research Centre is one of the biggest medical institutions in the Russian Federation which delivers high-tech medical care to people from 78 regions of the country. The Centre performs all types of surgical procedures on heart and blood vessels, including operations on children from the first days of life and surgical procedures for marrow and heart transplantation. The Centre successfully performs robot-assisted operations, using da Vinci and similar robots, in cardiovascular, obstetrics and gynecology, thoracic, abdominal, and oncology surgery. Annually, the Centre receives about 110 000 patients at the outpatient clinic and 18 000 at the inpatient departments.
Being part of the Almazov National Medical Research Centre since 2015, Polenov Russian Scientific Research Institute of Neurosurgery is one of the first and oldest scientific and clinical institutes of neurosurgery in the world, founded in May 1926. Polenov institute is a home to high experienced specialists in various medical fields: neurosurgeons, neurologists, intensive care specialists, radiologists, neuroophthalmologists, and many others, all working as a team together with laboratories of functional electrophysiology, biochemistry, and cerebral circulation.



The structure of the Centre includes 14 research departments and laboratories, including Institute of Heart and Vessels, Experimental Medicine, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Clinical trials and Evidence-based Medicine, Endocrinology, Hematology, Perinatology and Pediatrics. Our priority research branches are in the field of cardiology and translational medicine. 
The Centre is active in developing international relations with the leading institutions in Russia and around the world. It has partnerships and collaborations with Russian Society of Cardiology, ITMO and Polytech University, International Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Foundation, European Neuroendocrine Association, and others.


Medical Education

As a large educational institution, the Centre trains specialists in the field of health and biomedical sciences on postgraduate level (and undergraduate level starting from 2018). 
Since 2013, Almazov National Centre has a postgraduate medical education institute, which includes 15 departments. The departments have highly qualified teaching staff as well as scientists and medical personnel of the Center taking part in educational activities. In the early 80s there were about 5 clinical residents in «Cardiology» and «Cardiovascular Surgery» per year, while by the end of 2017  the Centre has trained up to 1,500 students in 29 specialties. 
One of the achieved goals in education development is the foundation of Simulation Training Centre, which main function is to provide professional training for neonatal care that saves lives and prevents disability. The simulators include models of a mother and a newborn, computerized models of full-term and preterm neonates, and electronic simulator for medical resuscitation.
High level of professionalism of the Almazov Centre’s specialists is partly due to the scientific library. The library is rapidly developing and collaborates with numerous foreign publishers and companies promoting electronic resources and other medical institutions in Saint- Petersburg. It is a modern multifunctional information center with more than 3,500 visitors per year. It conducts training seminars and lectures on information resources, and provides subscriptions to major peer-reviewed scientific journals.


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